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Fertility Acupuncture, Fertility Reflexology, Functional Medicine, Fertility Support

I had my own fertility journey and I know how tough it is, this led me to working with women going through the same. I want to share with you what I learnt along the way about how to improve your chances of conceiving, either naturally or through IVF. I want to help you to make your experience easier and feel like you have some control over it. 

I started having acupuncture throughout my third (and finally, successful) round of IVF and I only wish I had found it sooner! Not only did it help with my IVF success it helped many symptoms of an auto-immune condition I suffer with and gave me a safe, calm and relaxing space to retreat to when it all got too much. You know those days when you just can’t face another pregnancy announcement or baby shower invite, I would go for some acupuncture and come away feeling happier, lighter and more positive. 

I often get asked why I only see fertility clients and the answer is simple, because I’m passionate about educating, empowering and supporting women on a fertility journey. Working in one area allows me to be 100% committed to you and use all of my knowledge and expertise to offer you a bespoke, unique treatment plan. This gives you the best chance of success. 

Whether you have unexplained infertility or a specific diagnosis, I am able to offer the highest level of care, in particular, in areas such as Endometriosis, PCOS and recurrent miscarriage. 

If you feel like I may be the right person to help support you then please do get in touch or book your free 15 minute call. Sometimes it’s nice to chat beforehand to help alleviate any nerves, answer any questions or just get to know each other a little before you commit.


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