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Clinical Psychology

Sometimes we are drawn to therapy because of a particular incident, difficulty or question and at other times it may be a less obvious tension. This can cause us to feel overwhelmed by uncomfortable emotions, numb and on ‘autopilot’ or on a constant rollercoaster between the two and the effect of this can be felt in our relationships with others and how we see ourselves. Exploring the dynamics underpinning our current state can allow us clarity to see the extent to which they are useful to us, and as a result of this choose, how vigorously (if at all) we want to change them. 

As a Clinical Psychologist I would aim to work with you to develop a joint understanding of your concerns through identifying any patterns of thinking, feeling or behaviour that are present and being repeated in your daily life, regardless of intention. From there it would be about applying the most appropriate model to achieve the change you are seeking. 

Therapy can be difficult and therefore finding a ‘good fit’ in a therapist is really important. A good place to start is a telephone call by way of introduction and to identify the nature of your interest in therapy. This call is free of charge and allows us to establish the best next steps - either for an initial session or an appropriate alternative. 

Call or email Alice de Villiers (Nee von Klemperer) now for a free 15 minute consultation - 01883 772255

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